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Welcome to Utribi!

This webiste exists only every 2 years during the Football (soccer) European UEFA Cup and the football FIFA world cup. Why? Because let's be honest, we don´t care about other cups :p

So if you wanna play (not playing football, but doing predictions with us) Then come and join us :)!

It's easy, fast, and with friends experience is better. So feel free to invite anybody you would like. You can even create a private pool!

Oh yes, this is free also. No advertisement, no tracking, because it´s just for fun!!

The game only lasts during the cup event, after, all accounts are deleted. This is then officially the game the most dead and alive ever. However, during the event, the game is really cool, I, creator of the website assure you so :D

Good luck! :)

PS: Don´t lose hope to win while playing, come backs are very common!