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Welcome to Utribi!

This webiste propose you to predict for free the Football (soccer) European UEFA Cup and the football FIFA world cup with your friends or with your company. (Stanley Cup is coming :p)

The game is really simple. You just have to fill in the scores of each match and that´s all. The user interface is simple, et understandable (apres having tried many websites, you will be pleased!)

Partage l´expérience!

With friends, experience is better. There is many statistics and you can be part of a team to challenge others. So feel free to invite anybody you would like.

Ouais! c´est trop cool!

Non mais c´est trop de la balle sérieux! Un truc de ouf!

No pasaran
Outrage against the Marine
Canada Ben
J’en ai plein

On n´attend plus que toi!!!

The game only lasts during the cup event, after, all accounts are deleted.

Good luck! :)